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Tools & Accessories

Tools & Accessories

Description and Pricing

Bench PressJ

The Bench Drill Press is the best form of drill to use.
It allows stability when drilling the filling hole, and prevents distortion to the hole diameter which might allow the Plug Valve to leak around the seal with the cartridge body.
Available from Promax Imaging for dispatch in the UK only. It is heavy.  There are only limited supplies available.

Price 36.59 +VAT

Fill ProbeJ

Filling hole Probe.
Used to determine if the cartridge needs to be drilled.

Price 5.00 (€7.50) + VAT


Stand A.
For use with cartridge groups 1, 2 & 3.

Price 10.00 (€15.00) + VAT


Waste kit.
Complete with the fittings needed for the removal of waste ink from the cartridge, and the recovery of excess ink used in the re-filling process.
150ml size 3.51 (€5.25) + VAT
 250ml size 4.00 (€6.00) + VAT
 500ml size 4.80 (€7.20) + VAT

Syringe AdaptorJ

Syringe adaptor.
Used to allow a LuerLok type syringe to be used for filling.

Price 0.75 (€1.13) + VAT (syringe not included)
Sold in packs of 5: 3.75 (€5.63) + VAT


Insertion Tool


Hi-Volume Insertion Tool


Chip Resetter 7 Point


Chip Resetter 9 Point


Machine Fill Adaptor


Accessory Kit

Standard Terms and Conditions apply to all orders: carriage charged on all orders under 100 sent to UK Mainland addresses: elsewhere in the UK, Europe and other addresses at cost.

1st March 2007

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